5 Tonneau Cover Problems and How to Fix Them

Tonneau cover problems make your truck bed cover ineffective. Learn how to fix them in this repair guide.

Torn tonneau cover
Torn tonneau cover
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The bed cover on your truck may, at one time or another, become defective. Most tonneau cover problems are simple to correct, and you could fix them yourself. This article is will provide an overview of the most common problems with truck bed covers and how you might be able to remedy them yourself- or find the help of a professional to solve them.

Common Tonneau Cover Problems

A tonneau cover can get damaged in many different ways. It could be loose parts, a torn section of the cover, or the results of improper tonneau cover installation. If your truck bed tonneau cover is doing any of the following, then you probably need to take some steps:

  • You have a leaking tonneau cover
  • The tonneau cover is making noise
  • The cover keeps sticking
  • The weatherproof seal is visibly broken
  • The tonneau cover is badly fitted

Most tonneau cover problems can be remedied by following a few simple steps. You only need to identify the issue and the reason for its occurrence. The following tonneau cover repair guide will probably help if any of these problems arise:

Leaking tonneau cover
Leaking tonneau cover
Resource: https://www.f150forum.com

1. Leaking Tonneau Cover

You are experiencing moisture coming into contact with the inside of the cover along the seal between the cover and your truck bed or water is leaking into the bed. A leaking tonneau cover lets in rain and causes moisture damage to the items in your truck bed. Leaks result from several issues such as tears, broken or worn seals, and other damage.

Solution: tonneau covers should not let in water. If moisture is coming into contact with the inside of your cover or truck bed, then it may be time to replace the seal. You could also patch the leaking section using the appropriate tonneau cover repair kit. Replace your entire tonneau cover if it’s too old or experiencing multiple problems.

Bad tonneau cover clamps
Bad tonneau cover clamps
Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHth4iwZZgc

2. Tonneau Cover Noise

The cover makes noise while driving your truck, regardless of whether the bed is loaded or not. Tonneau cover noise is caused by a loose or broken/cracked tonneau cover. Flapping noise, for example, means the cover has loosened or the seal is broken and allowing air into the truck bed.

Other noises result from loosened or broken tonneau cover parts such as clamps and bolts. It could also mean an improperly installed cover assembly or you’re using the wrong size of the cover for your type of truck. Here is how to go about solving this issue:

Solution: check to see if there are components that require tightening. You may also adjust the cover tension using the adjusters that bed covers come equipped with. If the problem is an ill-fitting cover, replace it with a compatible size or model. You may also change the seal if it’s broken or patch tears.

Rust can cause sticking tonneau cover problems
Rust can cause sticking tonneau cover problems
Resource: https://www.titantalk.com

3. Sticking Tonneau Cover

The cover sticks when opening or closing. This mostly happens when you have not maintained your tonneau cover well, or if it’s too old. You could also be using a cheap tonneau cover. Another possible cause for this problem is a broken tonneau cover seal that’s allowing dust or debris and moisture to cause rusting and stuck parts.

Solution: repair or replace all damaged tonneau cover parts (if replaceable). Using mineral oil or any other lubricant, oil the necessary parts to make opening and closing the cover smooth enough. If the problem is accumulated debris, be sure to remove it. After that, ensure that you regularly clean the tonneau cover.

Broken tonneau cover seal
Broken tonneau cover seal
Resource: https://www.f150online.com

4. Broken Tonneau Cover Seal

The seal between the cover and truck bed is no longer weatherproof. As a result, moisture can now come into contact with the inside of the cover, causing rust on your tonneau cover’s metal hardware. This is one of the tonneau cover problems that you will almost always have to deal with.

Tonneau cover seals are known to break down or wear over time, but there are conditions that seem to accelerate the problem, such as harsh conditions. One such condition is a buildup of debris around the seals or using the wrong type of cleaning solution to wash the cover.

Solution: If you have an old cover that is worn out it’s probably not worth fixing anymore,. But if the cover is relatively new but the seal is broken, consider replacing it with a new one. Sometimes the seal is not defective but missing. Be sure to install it. Choose high-quality seals, too, that will last longer.

A tonneau cover that’s too big can cause noise problem
A tonneau cover that’s too big can cause noise problem
Resource: https://5thgenrams.com

5. Tonneau Cover Fitting Problem

The tonneau cover seems too big for the truck bed or badly fitted, either due to incorrect installation or incompatibility. This can lead to various issues such as a noisy cover, misalignment and sticking. It’s good to note that not every cover will fit any truck a badly fitting cover will not give you peace.

Solution: we suggest that you start by checking whether the tonneau cover on your truck is a compatible model. This will usually depend on your type of truck and model. If the cover proves to be compatible, the problem could be its installation. Check the seals to see if they are preset and correctly placed. Check also, the tonneau cover fittings and confirm their correct installation.


Tonneau cover problems can be a nuisance when it comes to using your truck bed. They can also reduce your tonneau cover lifespan and require you to buy a replacement cover sooner than expected. The issues discussed here are the most common, and what you will likely encounter when you have a tonneau cover over your truck bed. Be on the lookout for them, and save yourself the unnecessary costs of buying a new cover.

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