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When you’re ready to cover your truck bed, the AutoTop Roll-up Tonneau Cover simply rolls up and away from your truck box. Its lightweight design makes it easy for one person to roll the cover-up and out of sight when not in use.

AutoTop Roll Up
Tonneau Cover Advantages Protect

AutoTop features patented technology that allows you to easily roll up the cover, just like rolling up a piece of paper. This tonneau cover is lightweight and hardly adds any extra weight to your truck while using it. Total bed access with the ability to cover the tailgate for easy storage.

Simple Installation

The AutoTop roll-up tonneau cover conveniently installs in minutes. There are no tools required for this installation, nor any need to remove bed accessories. It installs over the top of your existing bed rails.

Added Protection

The AutoTop roll-up Tonneau cover is great for preventing water, dirt, dust, and others from getting into your truck bed. It also safeguards your cargo while you are not using it. We also have a selection of rollup tonneau covers that are made from aluminum which makes them lightweight.

Unique Design

The AutoTop roll-up tonneau cover is slightly different from the traditional ones. It’s designed with a unique top that helps prevent rain or snow from getting to your truck bed. But at the same time, allows some air to pass through while protecting your cargo.

Easily Access

AutoTop’s unique design allows you to roll the cover-up or down with ease. All you have to do is press a button and pull the strap. In just seconds, your whole bed will be fully open to use.

Why Choose Autotop Tonneau Cover

For those looking for a reliable, lightweight, and convenient pickup truck bed cover, AutoTop offers the best choice. It’s specially designed for your pickup trucks.
AutoTop tonneau cover adds an element of convenience to your everyday life. Stop fussing with roll-down covers that not only take forever to open and close but also require you to remove all your cargo. AutoTop’s patented design allows for a quick one-handed operation so you can easily access your truck box in seconds.

Wide Selection

AutoTop offers a wide selection of tonneau covers for different types of trucks. So don't worry if you need a cover for Nissan or Toyota, AutoTop has it all!

Quality Assurance

AutoTop tonneau covers feature a limited lifetime warranty. You can also count on our top-notch customer service to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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