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Featured Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Autotop Soft folding tonneau cover is a uniquely designed tonneau cover that is a custom fit for your vehicle.
Autotop Soft Folding Tonneau Cover can be used as an ordinary soft-folding tonneau cover when the truck bed is empty. When you need access to your load, this tonneau cover can easily expand to allow convenient loading of ladders, wood, etc.

Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

No need to remove the tonneau cover while carrying cargo and no need for a separate storage box. When you lift the tailgate, the folded cover slides up and out of the way. The only time you have to remove the Soft Folding Tonneau Cover is when you want access to your bed while it’s loaded.

Durable & Low Maintenance

Autotop Soft folding truck bed cover is designed to last long with the least maintenance possible. The sturdy material holds up in high temperatures or cold climates with ease.

Added Protection

Autotop Soft folding tonneau cover protects your cargo from both the elements and the ever-present theft. When not in use it looks like any other hard tonneau cover.

Custom Fitted

Made to be a perfect fit for your truck, Autotop Soft Folding Tonneau Cover offers the same protection as a hard tonneau cover and more.

Easy Installation

Autotop Soft folding tonneau cover is easy to install and remove. It does not require any drilling or cutting of the truck bed.

Why Choose Autotop Tonneau Cover

Currently, more than 170,000 AutoTop Soft Folding Tonneau Cover are being used by truck owners worldwide.
AutoTop Soft Folding Tonneau Cover is made of the highest quality materials with long-lasting strength to keep your cargo safe and protected from the elements. It’s also flexible which means no rust or damage to your vehicle.

Unrivaled Selection

Aside from our Soft Folding Tonneau Cover, we also offer a wide range of tonneau covers suited to match your needs. We have hard tonneau covers for protecting dry cargo, open pick-up bed covers, or even no cover at all.

Global Availability

Autotop soft-folding tonneau cover is available in most countries with a free shipping option. We also ship internationally for truck owners outside the US.

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